Display Product Form In Wordpress

Displaying Your Product Add To Cart Forms

Now that we've customized our product the way we need it, it's time to display it so that people can add the product to cart and place orders.

Display Product Form with Shortcode

If you are not a theme developer the easiest way for you to insert the product forms is probably by using the [NinjaProduct] shortcode, simply place the shortcode anywhere in your post that you want the add to cart button to show up and it will display wherever you place it (complete with any options you specified for it).

Display Product Form With a Template Tag

Using the <?php NinjaProductTag(); ?> template tag is an awesome option for theme developers as it allows you to place the product form wherever you want in your theme, the most common place to put it is in the single.php file, or if you are using Custom Post Types and have a Custom Post type of "products" you could place it in the "single-products.php" file (This type of configuration is covered more in the Advanced Custom Post Types Tutorial, which BTW is a great way to setup the website if you are building the site for a client).