Uploading Digital Products

Uploading Digital Products

The best way we've found to sell digital products is to zip all of your files into a .zip file (for universal compatibility with any computer). For example if you were selling a PDF eBook your could zip your PDF maybe a readme on how to download adobe acrobat reader etc.. If you're selling music mp3's you could also zip all of the mp3's into the zip file.

Once you've prepared your file for upload you need to place it online somewhere, one option is to upload it onto Cart Ninja servers using the File Upload button from the dashboard.

However there is a limit on how much you can upload, if you experience any errors during upload it probably means that your file is too big. If that occurs you have a couple of options, one is to host it on your own web hosting, or you can contact us for very affordable file hosting services, and we can handle the secure hosting of your digital products.

Once it's uploaded onto the server you need to know the url path to where the user can download the file, you need to know something like this:


Once you have that you are ready to create the product to sell it online.