Examples of a Simple Product

Examples of a Simple Product

A simple product is a product that doesn't require any options (like Size, Length, Color, etc..) with a Simple Product you don't have to worry about using a Product Form and can simply use the Add To Cart URL

Here are some examples of a product like this:

Creating a Simple Product

The first thing you will want to do is click on the "Product Creator" then type in the basic details, Product Name, Product Price, and insert the optional product thumbnail.

Next all you have to do is update and on the right you will see an Add To Cart URL that you can use to share your product anywhere.

Listing a Simple Product For Sale

Listing a Simple Product For Sale is as simple as copying and pasting the Add To Cart URL from the Product Creator and pasting it into any hyperlink.


<a href="ADDTOCARTURL">Buy My Book</a>

You could of course use styling to touch up your buy now / add to cart buttons, you can even use images.

<a href="ADDTOCARTURL"><img src="BuyNowButton.jpg"></a>

If you want to share your link on a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or others. That works too!