Encrypting Your Digital Goods

Encrypting Your Digital Goods

Once you have your digital product uploaded online you will need to create a digital encryption key for your file in order to protect it from being downloaded before it is purchased. Don't worry Cart Ninja makes this easy.

In The Digital Product Creator (if you are using Wordpress there is also a link for it) you will want to click on "Click Here To Create a Key"

You will then want to type in the full URL to your file wherever you hosted it.

Then click "Encrypt" and copy and paste the Key back into the Digital Product Creator

Next you will want to make sure you specify the Name, Price, and possibly a thumbnail for your digital product

Click Update. For most the Add To Cart URL is sufficient. You can use that link on any hyperlink or even share it on Social Media Networks and it will add your Digital Product to your Shopping cart for people to order.