Adding Products To Wordpress

Adding In Products

Product Management within Wordpress is where Cart Ninja really start's to shine. We hope you'll see that the flexibility and streamlined approach that Cart Ninja provides will greatly speed up your product management.

A Cart Ninja Product can be associated with any Wordpress Content Type, be that a Post, Page, or Custom Content Type. This affords you unlimited options in the way you organize your website. For simplicities sake, let's start by adding product details to a basic Wordpress Post

First Add a New Wordpress Post, for this Tutorial I'm going to name it "Red Shirt", i'll also add in a couple of details about the shirt plus a picture in the Wordpress Content Area.

After you've added in your product title and description you can then add in the details about the product. Somewhere underneath your post content you should see a box (in Wordpress it's called a Meta Box) titled "Product Details", and it should have the Cart Ninja Logo.

If you don't see the Meta Box under your post you may have to enable it under "Screen Options" in the top right of Wordpress, click "Screen Options" then check the checkbox to the left of "Product Details - Adding a Price Will Turn This Into a Product"

I'm going to make this shirt cost $19.99 (note that I don't put the $ or any currency symbol as this will mess up the plugin.)

Next you can add an optional thumbnail which will be displayed during the checkout process (make sure this image is secure with the https:// protocol. Underneath the product Thumbnail option is a link that will allow you to upload a thumbnail to Cart Ninja's secure server

Save your changes so far, in the next video we will talk about how to add product options (such as T-shirt size) to this product