Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods

Plan What You Need

NOTE: Video Contains a very helpful example, watching is highly recommended.

Setting up your Shipping Methods can be tricky, especially if you ship internationally. Fortunately Cart Ninja allows you to create Shipping "Rules" that let you specify shipping costs to anywhere in the world. Cart Ninja sets default shipping methods based on average shipping costs from the U.S.A. if you want to leave default shipping methods on it would be wise to test them by adding various items to your cart, and then putting in fake addresses to different parts of the world and seeing if the shipping costs are an amount that will work for you.

Note that the moment you add in a shipping method the default shipping methods are over-ridden so if you want to ship internationally you need to configure shipping methods for each location you want to ship to. Cart Ninja has combinations of common shipping locations to help speed up the configuration

How To Configure To Your Needs

When we plan out our shipping we make a list of all of the areas we can ship to and list the cost we estimate for shipping our products (shipping costs vary so we usually estimate high).

For example we would make a list like this:

Continental U.S. :

Hawaii / Alaska:



As you can see innumerable combinations can be made, it is very important that you test shipping method changes that you make.

Promotion Options

In our experience customers HATE shipping costs, if you can offer them free shipping (even if you offset the cost of shipping with the cost of the item) you should, free shipping is a tantalizing offer to your customers.

Cart Ninja makes it easy to offer incentives to buy more from you, by allowing you to say things like "Free shipping on orders over $89.99" or "Free Shipping for ordering 10 items or more".

One final note on Shipping, remember that the internet consumer thrives on simplicity, don't make your policies complicated or cumbersome or it will drive your sales down.

Selling Digital Products?

If you are selling Digital Products then you obviously don't need to charge any shipping, we recommend adding only 1 shipping method that ships to "all" and then naming that shipping method something like "Digital Download" and making the shipping method flat rate free ($0).