Setting Up Paypal w/ Express Checkout

What is Paypal w/ Express Checkout?

Paypal is a fast and convenient way for people to pay, we've discovered that adding Paypal Express Payments in addition to credit card payments in your cart can increase sales up to 15-20% (depending on the market).

Paypal Express is the best method we've found for adding the benefits of Paypal to your online store. Once activated, it adds a small Paypal Express button to the side of your credit card payment method that people can choose (pictured below).

Paypal is completely free to setup, so there is really no reason not to get it configured.

Paypal Express Payments will also work on it's own (without a credit card payment method), but this is not recommended as it traditionally means much lower sales.

Where do I find Paypal API Information?

Step 1.

To configure Paypal Express with Cart Ninja, you will need 1) your Paypal API username, 2) Paypal API Password, and 3) Paypal API Signature.

In order to access these, you need to make sure your Paypal account is a Premiere or Business account (both options are completely free to setup). To see if you have the right type of account: Login to Paypal, in the upper left under your name you will see: Account Type. If your Account Type is Personal you will need to upgrade.

Premiere is an option for Sole Proprieters (individuals), and Business is for people with a corporate setup (LLC, SCorp etc.)

You also do not lose any Paypal functionality by upgrading. If your account type is already Premiere or Business you can skip this step.

Step 2.

When your account is in Business or Premiere mode you now need to locate your API information. Click on "Profile" in the top right, then "My Selling tools" on the left. Look for "API Access" and click on the link to the right of that starting with "Manage API credentials...".

On the following page it will give you 2 options. You will want to select Option 2, which allows you to view all of your Paypal API Information on one page.

When you click that link it will allow you to see all the Paypal API Information you need. e.g. your Paypal API Username, Paypal API Password, and Paypal API Signature. Copy and paste each of these into their respective Cart Ninja fields.