A few other things you might want to set

Tax Settings

Cart Ninja allows you to add in a Tax rate to charge customers based on the state where your business resides. U.S. law requires you to pay tax on revenue generated from within your own state. With this setting you can charge customers who live in your businesses state the extra tax cost if you wish. This will also be tracked from within your reports.

Test Credit Card #

Here's an important rule to remember in eCommerce: Test, Test, Test. Make sure you look at the order process from your customers perspective as much as possible. We recommend doing a couple of live test orders with your own credit card (paying yourself) to make sure the order process is as smooth as possible, we also recommend setting up a test credit card number so you can test orders without paying any live money.

With the Test Credit Card you can use the credit card number with any random combination of CCV and expiration date, using the test # will bypass the payment gateway and mark the payment as "Waiting on Payment"

Google Analytics eCommerce

Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tracking tool, it also has built in eCommerce features that Cart Ninja is equipped to take advantage of.

Step 1 - Enable eCommerce Tracking

In order for Google Analytics to work with eCommerce you must first turn on eCommerce tracking, to do this login to your Google Analytics account, click into standard reporting for the site with which you want to enable eCommerce tracking. Click on "Admin" in the top right, then "Profiles" -> "Profile Settings" finally under E-Commerce Settings put "Yes, an E-Commerce Site.

Step 2 - Insert Tracking Script

Your final step is to place the analytics eCommerce Tracking Script into the Receipt Page Tracking box of your Cart Ninja Settings Page

Cart Ninja requires a slightly modified version of the script to work, copy and paste this code:

Notice that you need to insert your Analytics Property ID, you can find the ID by clicking on Admin, Just underneath your site name you will see the "Property ID:" copy and paste that in between the ' and ' above. You can also optionally change Cart Ninja Store to whatever you want, as long as it doesn't have a ' in it.

Note: Those are the only 2 spots in the tracking script you should change or else the tracking script will not work. Also, regular analytics tracking must be installed on your main website.

Install Adwords Conversion Tracking

Adwords Conversion Tracking is a lot easier than the analytics eCommerce tracking, and provides very valuable data if you are advertising your website with Google Adwords. You first need to create a new Conversion goal, hover over "Tools and Analysis" and click on "Conversions" in the main menu of Adwords.

Create a new Conversion

You can name the conversion whatever you want, I name it something like "Purchase" or "Sale"

On the following page you need to change the Page security level to HTTPS, you can leave all of the other settings at default.

It will then generate some code for you to paste into the Cart Ninja Receipt Tracking on the Settings Page. You can optionally change the conversion value to the shortcode [Total] which will be replaced with the total purchase price the customer payed so that you can know how much money each keyword phrase is worth to you.

Order Notifications

You can optionally set order notifications to be sent out to any number of email addresses.

Email Receipt Settings

Each time the customer orders they are emailed a receipt where they can track the progress of their order. You can customize the footer of that email receipt to include your website, phone number, email, etc..

Coupon Codes

Cart Ninja Allows you to add coupon codes that can be used to market your products

Currency Code Settings

If you are a non U.S. customer you can change your currency symbol and currency code to match where the majority of your business will be coming from.