MailChimp Integration

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a powerful and flexible email list building and marketing tool. Cart Ninja integrates with Mailchimp allowing your customers to opt in to an email list of your choosing.

Re-marketing to existing customers is an excellent option for many to make a lot of money. Plus, signing up for a basic Mailchimp account is free at (with some minor limitations).

Where to find Mailchimp API Info

After you have a Mailchimp account, you will need to locate the API Key and List ID. The API Key associates Cart Ninja with your MailChimp Account and the List ID associates your cart with the specific list you setup for your store.

Step 1 - Find MailChimp API

First hover over "Account" (top right) then click on "API Keys & Authorized Apps"

Next Click the "Add A Key" Button

After you've added in the key, copy and paste the API key somewhere so that you can remember it to add it into your Cart Ninja Settings Page

Step 2 - Create a New List

MailChimp operates with "Lists" a list is basically a collection of email addresses of people who have opted into the list, in your case, your customers

You will need to create a list and give it a name, examples of names are things like: Company Newsletter, Cart Ninja - Dojo :), Our Favorite People, etc..

To create a list simply click on "Lists" then "Create List"

After you've created a list, make sure you are still on the lists page and you will see your list show up on the page. Hover over "Settings" and click on "List Settings and Unique ID"

On that page you can find the List ID near the bottom of the page.