Inserting Orders (Back End Order Entry)

Back End Order Entry Video

If a customer calls in and wants to place an order over the phone you can use the "Insert Order" button from your Cart Ninja dashboard to assist the customer in placing the order.

Adding Products For Tracking

This step is optional but recommended, you can add items to the order. Note that these items are used for tracking purposes, meaning that they wont factor into the actual cost that the customer is charged (this is to allow for flexible charging).

Specifying some Order Information

The next fields should be fairly straightforward and are flexible enough to be used as you see fit. Note that things like the Additional Tax Cost and Shipping Cost are also only used for tracking purposes and are NOT included in the actual cost the customer is charged.

Set Total Price

It is important to include every detail about the order in the order details so that you know what products to actually ship to the customer. The customer is charged the exact amount typed into "Total Price" (nothing else is factored into the price).

Specify Customers Billing and Shipping Details

After you prep the order based on the customers input you can simply input their billing / shipping details over the phone and place the order for them. You can view the receipt to verify the order.

Phone orders is a convenient way for people to order from you